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Our Story

Our Chairman – Mr Melind Deshpande [ First Generation Visionary Serial Entrepreneur]

Has till date worked in various companies in multiple capacities – holding positions of responsibility such as – DIRECTOR – CMO / ADVISOR / MASTER FRANCHISEE, over the last two & a half decades. 

MD's Venture has been carved out to fill need of readily available business management expertise and provide Quality Business Facilitation Services & Franchising services, to companies across globe, in order to enable competitive edge and power to stay ahead of their competitors. 


He believes in creating inspired and innovative solutions that are uniquely appropriate for each client associated with.


Our creative team’s have the necessary skill set’s &  experience to benefit target companies, as per specialised requirements associated with.


His approach involves developing custom-made integrated solutions that define the right path & strategy at the right time, to help business engagement, with the right audience.

All our business proposals are success fee based and are on revenue sharing model with Client’s.

The Philanthropic side of our story

Six years ago (2014), our chairman thought of reshaping his life/work approach and selected 3 focus areas to work on : Energy, Environment and  Electronics: ( 3E’s) 

He has identified Scientists / Technologies who would be helpful to mankind, incubated and funded these ideas and helped scientist to commercialize the technologies. He involved the NGO to assist technologies through donations/grants received from them.   


In the journey started conceptualizing Models, which will make NGO independent of donation, rather activity to be self-sufficient from generation of revenue from commercial means.

Our Chairman, Inspired by Melinda Gates Foundation Bill gates donation of 95% of income for upliftment of mankind.   ​

The Bottom Line is, we want to work with companies and want them to be more profitable  and from our earnings we would like to work for the upliftment of society. 

MD's Venture belongs to class of highly specialized set of highly acclaimed entities who have strong fundamentals and sound principles to drive energy towards building Socio Economic Companies of future. He opines that charity can be done, as long as there is sufficient revenue generation in a highly sustainable ecosystem.