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Ayurman Colon Therapy Franchisee Opportunity

Invest 3lac and earn Rs. 80,000+* Per Month.  One and the only business opportunity with so much lucrative business returns

Rice Desire

RICE DESIRE is a rice variety specially developed with Low GI Index, high Resistant starch and dietary Fiber and process of creation thereof is applied for Indian patent.

RICE DESIRE comes with certification for Dietary Fiber and Resistant Starch 

Probiotic for Fish

Solutions for Sustainable and profitable Aquaculture (Non Antibiotic)

Low mortality rate higher the produce 

Disease control due to enhanced immunity in shrimp  

High density farming in pond.

Substantial increase in income per pond

Peace of mind, free from insecurity due to decease control

Non antibiotic yield fetching more price

High produce in less no of days (100 count in 90 days)



Super Distributors are to be appointed in various states and territories Pan India 


Manufacturing / Assembly Partner – in strategic locations Pan India 

Super Franchises to be appointed Pan India

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