Current Requirements for Nitrile Gloves: (30th August 2020)

  1. For USA:   Cranberry Evolve 300. First 250 M Boxes (300 pcs/box) and 500 M per month for 12 months.

  2. A Dutch Buyer wants Cranberry any model of 100 Pcs per box or Cardinal, Kimberley-Clark (KC500) or M-Care or any good brand boxes of 100 pcs only. (Not V Glove, Sky med etc.) Must be production based. Can be split, 80 Million Boxes x 3 months delivery schedule. Brand that has US FDA 510K, EN 455-1-4, ASTM D6319. 

  3. 500 Million X 36 Month order from a Sheikh at any brand such as Cranberry 100 pcs/Box Mode, Cardinal etc., but must have all certificates. They are ready to put down payment for first month value. Destination some to EU and some to US. Brand must have all certificates US FDA 510k and EN455 all. They will invest first month’s value.

  4. Huge Volume of any good brand like Cranberry, Cardinal, Kimberley-Clark etc., OTG USA can be closed. 

  5. We can aim for 250,000 - 1 Million Boxes Purchase if possible. There are 10-20 customers are interested in these sizes who want Yearly or Half Yearly Contracts. They all will increase quantity after first two shipments.

  6. Note : Price is our challenge to close any deal. We can quote FOB & CIF both. We must submit a PDF file with all Manufacturer’s Specifications, Test Reports, Certifications, Box Pic etc.,

Below procedure is ideal to avoid any nuisance.

  1. NCNDA Form fully filled with all information of Buyer, Buyer’s Mandate, Seller (Must be either Manufacturer or Authorized/Certified Distributor, Seller’s Mandate and all Intermediary and duly signed by all parties, then MD’s venture will facilitate signing with a Mandate of the Buyer and will ensure the deal is signed and stamped by the Buyer (if Seller signed NCNDA)  within no time. 

  2. (No unfilled or unsigned NCNDA will be accepted. Once NCNDA is closed no parties can be added. All Intermediary is the concern only to get a commission. Not to deal with anything either from the Buyer side or from the Seller Side).

  3. LOI from Buyer to Seller.

  4. Seller provides Attorney contact to Buyer.

  5. Buyer Attorney contact Seller Attorney to provide POF/BCL.

  6. Seller provides FCO & SPA draft. The buyer can suggest required changes to Seller.

  7. Buyer provides ICPO

  8. Once the SPA is accepted by both Seller & Buyer, SPA sign between Seller and Buyer or Seller’s Attorney to Buyer’s Attorney.

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