Covid-19 is going to stay. WHO also has declared it, Now!

Wuhan has tested all 1.1 Cr people again and 5% ware found to be infected. 5.5Lac ware positive confirmed cases with antibodies of the virus. It isn’t a figure of concern right?

But when you look deeper into this figures, it’s shocking. 90% of the positive cases are asymptomatic, 9 out of 10 people don’t know they were once infected and did not take precautions to avoid spreading to the public.

That means, carriers of COVID virus can’t be detected and worse, those infected simply do not know and continue to spread the virus.

This is the worst nightmare!

We will have lockdowns as part of our life. Businesses will be forever disrupted and some industry probably will go out of business.

Traveling will be almost limiting only to essential. You can’t put the whole plane of passengers at risk.

A new way of living is happening. Fortunately COVID is no Air Born , so We have the solution

There are only two ways out, A. get the vaccine, or B. Use of long lasting self-disinfectant shield and be protected.

By covering a wider high touch areas and hand with protective anti-virus shield and the use of self-disinfectant shield, we hope this will keep us safe while waiting for the vaccine.

Our coat with 900+ hours long lasting shield and Transmission Terminated at Source (TTS) Feature, e.g. say covid-19 infected person touches a shielded coat, the active shield immediately kills the virus and transmission to next person touching shielded surface is terminated.

Be Shielded, Be safe…

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